A Sense of Direction

September 2015

Now after spending countless hours researching what I want to do to the outside of the car, and playing around with S-tuner (for those who dont know, google it, its a nice tool for messing with appearance in 3d of almost any import car with a large selection of parts), I finally had some sort of idea with what I wanted to do to my car. I was absolutely disgusted by the silvia front on the 180sx, and always knew it had to go. The rough edges of the silvia front dont mix at all with the very oval rear end of the 180sx, and it always bothered me. Id always try to find an angle where it looked ok, but there were too many angles that bothered me. I’ve always loved time attack car styling, and there are 4 cars I’m obsessed with, so I asked myself what do I like so much about each car, and decided to make my own version, perfect to myself.

The infamous Koguchi 180sx:

Toshiyuki Kagawa s13 silvia:
The Dream works 180sx:

So I decided on Koguchi Power widebody, +70mm rear fenders + 50mm front fenders, and GT-1 front bumper from the koguchi and dream works cars, Car modify wonder side skirts, and rocket bunny rear diffuser, as well as spirit rei carbon front and side splitter from Toshiyuki’s s13.

I started to order the bigger body parts, getting in touch with Jesse Steeter who said he could take care of everything apart from the bumper, forcing me to contact Right Drive (an importer based out of southwestern Ontario) to order up the GT-1 Motorsports front bumper for me. For the wing, I have something very special (to me anyways).

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