Internal Affairs

While thinking about what I wanted to do to the exterior of the car, I already knew what had to be done to the interior. I started doing a little research on the different types and manufacturers of seats available for my car. I figured, well since I already got these expensive wheels and lug nuts and center caps, why not just make a proper investment and get rid of my hideous seats.
I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to stay true to JDM tradition, and have a full bucket driver seat, and a reclining passenger seat, I found a reclining seat that caught my eyes. When time came to order a new one from Bride, i was about a month late, and had been told the Cuga line had been discontinued. I was a little dissapointed because I knew it wouldn’t be easy finding a nice Japan edition cuga, as I had originally planned to get. I was also tired of the stock shifter so I managed to hunt down an authentic C’s shifter with the original box, and at the same time, found a bride cuga japan edition on UPGARAGE. As usual, they arrived in no time:

The seat was in excellent condition, and as usual delivery was nice and quick. So, now pondering what to do for the driver seat, i started looking at the new (at the time) Bride Proface full bucket, black with kevlar back. That 240,000 yen price tag tho, so I held off for a bit, and kept doing a little more research on seats. I also wasnt able to install the cuga, because I had absolutely no idea which rail would fit the bottom holes on the cuga and work with the 180sx. There is no seat rail currently offered by Bride, that will allow a cuga to be to used in a 180sx.

Since I was visiting the idea of upgrading the interior and have a cool racing seat, why not go full out and get a roll cage? I started looking around, and with a lot of luck a forum member happened to be selling his jdm s13 silvia shell, which had a cage in it. At first he didnt want to really part things out, but with a little persuasion we came to an agreement and he decided to sell me the cage, and had it shipped for me. Upon arrival, I had inspected to the cage, and MY LUCKY DAY. Got a nice little surprise, and found it it was an authentic saito cage and not a cusco or safety 21. That was a nice treat. For those of you who aren’t familiar with saito roll cages, they are a small shop in japan that makes bolt in roll cages or weld in, for a lot of performance cars in japan, so that was why I got so excited.  I’m not affiliated with saito (i wish i was though), but they have some cool stuff on their website, for a wide range of cars.

Upon test fitting of the roll cage, I discovered that my regular mirror would have to go as it was right in the way of the roof brace bar, so I decided to look for mirror options. Eventually i found something I really liked from a Japanese owned 180sx I saw online, and had to make my way to yahoo auctions japan to have myself a search. Its a wink mirror with a vented metal cover ontop. I like it, yeah I know its ricer, but not if its straight from japan.

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