YAJ finds… A Rare Parts Fanboy Emerges

Now that I knew what I wanted to do for aero, I had started to search regularly on Yahoo Auctions Japan, and developed a routine of searching twice per day, once usually before work, and again after my 12/13 hour shift was over before I went to sleep.
I had stumbled upon a very rare Works 9 double tip exhaust in routine scouting of Yahoo Auctions Japan, and jumped right on it. I wasn’t a fan at all of the old beat up ricey sounding fart cannon Apexi N-1 exhaust that came on the car, and it looked horrible. As usual it arrived quickly and was installed straight away, and was installed promptly. I enjoy the wielded on logo.

I apologize for the crappy ipad pictures, I swear they are pictures I took before I even knew I’d be making a build thread. If you have bothered to make it this far, we are just about finished the ****ty ipad pictures haha.

Anyways, more and more random parts started to come in, and my obsession for hunting down rare, discontinued items grew. I was never sure about what mirrors I wanted to choose for my build, so i just got a few different ones. As I write this, im still torn between stock mirrors, ganadors, and craft squares, or those non existent mirrors that I’m generating in my imagination subconsciously.

Can’t remember what these ones were, pretty sure veilside mirrors tho, wasn’t really a fan of them, so I turned around and sold them to a guy in the states, who happens to have a pretty cool s13 coupe. raizosr20 on instagram.

Some of my random finds:
“hitman” steering wheel, looked cool on a listing I saw, then decided it wasn’t something that would go well with the theme, and tbh not a fan of these types of the jdm acrylic/bubble thing.I mostly bought it because I knew it was a very sought after wheel, and someone would appreciate having it.
managed to scoop up a nismo cluster for my s13. Brand spanking new!
Found an authentic Hitman steering wheel for very cheap, and made a massive profit, even had the original tag, extremely rare to find one with original tag:
Found a rare Volk c-1 steering wheel, again just to kinda see it in person and also made a nice little profit off of it:
Also started to develop an affinity to the old school nismo logo, and started to collect everything I could find that could be installed in my car. Something about that old school Nismo logo gets me:
I found a set of brand new Nismo mats. Im pretty sure they are for s13, as the r32 ones are shaped slightly differently, and have the grommets in them as well as a Nismo badge. I haven’t been able to find any information about which chassis they are specific for, so if anyone has any information feel free to let me know. You wouldn’t believe what these things cost me.
Of course, with my new obsession with rare parts, ARC parts are a must. I definitely dont have the collection that some people have with ARC magic parts, but do have a few cool things.
Managed to find a discontinued arc intake box brand new with original packaging.
an arc rad cap
Some more arc goodies – oil pan and bov
an endless bmc stopper
also picked up ganadors
got a random set of equips i was planning on re barrelling, might sell them might not, they have been sitting the past 9 months still  wrapped in the packaging they were shipped in.
some more nismo goodies
random s13 rain visors, to be honest no idea why I got them, they were expensive, didnt need them at all, wont fit my car, and I already have brand new 180sx ones. i must have been drunk or something lol.
defi vsd-x heads up display unit. I was still unsure at this point what exactly I was going to do with it, but I follow a blog by a guy known as Broadfield, and wanted to mold this little unit somewhere into my car. It displays rpm, speed, and anything else that you could plug into a defi control unit.

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