My last blog post did a pretty good job at covering brake upgrades, after thinking about the blog a bit, from now on I will try to make more frequent smaller posts, rather than large dumps, mostly because people don’t really want to sit down and read paragraphs on end about a big update, so we’ll chop it up into smaller sections, that way the site has more frequent updates, and takes much less of your time, and gives me some motivation also to post, as I don’t normally feel like sitting at the computer typing paragraphs and uploading pictures taken months ago finally compiled to one big update.

So lets dive into some of the parts I chose and work I put into my sr20det:


First off we have an “Advance” alternator. Advance is a well established Japanese aftermarket alternator company. The 180sx version of this was long discontinued, so I was happy to find one, as they very rarely pop up for sale. This alternator puts out 130A, which will help lower the load greatly over the oem 90A (I think?) alternator.


Went with an ARC oilpan, because ARC. Not the most advanced, up-to-date baffling, but at my power goals, and driving style, a super modern baffle system isn’t necessary. These oil pans were also discontinued many years ago, not the rarest part out there, but still not easy to find, and goes well with the theme I’m heading towards with engine bay parts.


Here we have the vibra-technics engine mounts. I chose these mounts for many reasons. First being quality: these are the best engine mounts you can get for the driving style that I’m after. With a natural rubber isolator to eliminate engine vibration, and retain oem feel, but encapsulated in a solid shell, to provide some stiffness, and driver feel. The best part about these, is they are the exact same height as the OEM engine mounts, so really, there is absolutely no reason to use any other engine mount on the market. There are two versions available, “drift” – which is the stiffer version, and “street” version which is meant for street and track.


Of, course we have the a nismo logo oil cap. I chose not to polish it, because I really hate polished things, and to me the oxidation on the cap tells a story of its age, and legacy as a brand.

The trans got a full refresh, new seals, paint, and was also swapped out, as the old sr20 one was grinding, shifting into 2nd gear.



Also, re-did the rear main seal, and ended up having to buy a new rear main seal cover, after snapping the older one. Swapped out the bearing as well for a needle bearing. JPA_1644.JPG

s14 sr20 water neck, and also a P2M gunmetal CAS cover.


Time to put her back in!

You can notice still a few other things. The ceramic coated exhaust mani heat shield, same was done for the intake manifold.
Also we have a Power Enterprise PE1420 turbo to replace the stock T25.

Thats all for now!

See ya soon!

A look up close: SR20DET parts selection

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