With the recent rise in popularity with the s-chassis platform, mostly due to youtubers, a lot of people who are new, have gained interest and for some, may be the first time modifying their car. The average person buys the s-chassis with the mindset of :

  • Cheap car!!!
    • Cheap Parts right?
      • Ebay???
        • Perfect!

So, the modifications begin, and slowly the user starts having problems, something not running right, something leaking, something not functioning as smooth as it should be etc.


A very large majority of the community modify their cars with these ‘cheap’ parts; ebay, alibaba, or even online speed shops that provide parts for the s chassis. Why do people buy these parts? Reason one, because they are cheap, but reason two, is a lot of people believe they are quality parts, when really, they are not. This decision is made based on anecdotal evidence a.k.a: “Guy on the 240 Facebook page said its fine, so it must be pretty good”. This is how the culture for poor quality parts and builds in the North American s-chassis scene was born; from pure ignorance.

So, with that being said, you may be thinking I’m just another biased brand whore, and I know nothing about these lower quality parts, because I’ve never owned any, which again is ignorant, as I don’t need to experience the poor quality of these parts on my own dime when there is tons of detailed information online.

Now, with absolutely no bias, I’ve decided to put together a pro’s/con’s list of purchasing these cheaper/replica/non original parts.


  • Cheaper

    – can build car faster, have money for other things etc

  • May be

    easier to obtain

    – some authentic parts require shipping times, or production wait times, and some parts simply are discontinued, so it takes a little waiting and searching until the part pops up for sale


  • Unknown Quality

    • There is more to ‘Quality’ than just looking at something, touching it, feeling the weight etc, to determine how well a part is made. Unfortunately this is how the majority of the ignorant people who decide their cheap parts are actually ‘quality’ evaluate their new parts, especially when most of them have never had any experience with the authentic, high quality version. Point is – subjective opinions have very little meaning.
    • Where was it made?
      • You don’t know who made it, where it was made, if there is any sort of quality control, engineering, research and development, safety testing, etc involved. (most likely there is none, just making of a mould and thats it)
      • A lot of products that people mistake as a quality parts (Grip royal, isr, fortune auto, NRG etc) are all actually poorly made products of Taiwan, just re-branded for resale in mostly North America.
  • Safety

    • Are the claimed certifications real? (FIA? VIA wheel certification? JWL wheel certification? DOT? etc)
      • I have seen countless times replica wheel companies put these safety standard stamps on their wheels which were made in Taiwan or in some other jungle without any certification, which is dangerous, and illegal.
    • Has the product undergone any credible safety testing?
      • Almost any safety device sold by any legitimate and reputable manufacturer has to pass rigorous safety tests before the product can be sold. This testing is EXTREMELY expensive, so don’t for one second think your replica Bride seats or replica Takata harnesses will do the same job.
    • Are the materials used in the product safe?
      • cheap steel? Cheap fiberglass/resin?
      • A lot of the backing materials of replica seats are just a few layers of the same material. Real seats are made of multiple layers of various fabrics, laid down in a specific orientation (the strand pattern), to provide maximum strength to ensure your safety.
    • Gravity cast aluminum wheels? Weak bolts? Grade of metal used? Flammable? Seat belts? Anchor points?
  • Durability

    • Will the parts wear easily?
  • Have the parts been inspected thoroughly by the manufacturer before they are released for sale?

    • I’ve heard plenty of times, people complaining about metal shavings, millings etc destroying their motors, because the parts that were installed were not finished properly
    • As an example, know for a fact that Takashi Haruyama owner of Car Modify Wonder, inspects every single part he makes with a test fit before sending it out for sale. The Japanese take a lot of pride in anything they do. Do you honestly think someone at the isr factory inspects every single part to make sure it will fit, is to standard, without imperfections, and clean?
  • May actually be more expensive than authentic parts

    • A cheap part that fails, can turn into a very expensive problem, or a very dangerous one.
      • replace motor?
      • perhaps wheel falls off due to cheap spacers used, and you get a nice little fender roll like this guy? Need a tow there buddy?wheelfalloff.jpg~original
        • How about some stitches?griproyalmao.jpg
  • Can actually end up wasting more of your time and money

    • if you did it right to begin with, you would still be driving it, and not fixing it again
  • Fitment?

    • This applies to everything but mostly to aero parts. If you use some basic logic and common sense, a replica part will NEVER fit as good as its authentic part. In case you are still having difficulty grasping the concept let me walk you through it.
      1. The guy who makes replica aero parts, goes out and buys himself a real kit (which can have its own imperfections to begin with for several reasons like over-use of a mould.)
      2. Makes a mould out of it, and starts to reproduce the aero with it. As the mould continues to be used, the quality exponentially declines, and you have no way, other than taking the word of a guy who rips off/ steals designs for a living (ya not very trustworthy) to tell how fresh the mould is.
    • In turn, new products, never see the light of day
      • From an original manufacturer or parts producer’s stand point, whats the point of developing a new parts, or a better product (which cost time and money), when no-one is willing to buy it, and your work will be stolen anyways and sold for much less?
  • Looking like a fan boy with fake shit and people laugh at you

    • Its like going to a shoe convention with clearly fake  yeezys or back to the future nikes (no idea not a sneaker head), and people noticing and laughing at your pathetic efforts to impress the true sneaker heads.



Its safe to say, the cons FAR outweigh the the pros of buying and installing cheap parts for your car, unless you think risking your future quality of life is worth the few hundred dollars you saved.


Hopefully with this article, I’ve opened some eyes, especially to the newer enthusiasts who don’t really have any guidance or direction on how to build a car properly. At the end of the day, it is your own choice as to what you put on your car, but please stop complaining about how your fake brides you bought severed your spinal cord or how the s-chassis is such a piece of shit because you sprinkles ebay and isr parts on it like salt bae. Its not the car, its you.



Authentic Parts? Why bother!!!

2 thoughts on “Authentic Parts? Why bother!!!

  1. It’s rad to see cars with high dollar parts but if your from the drifting world your not going to buy “real aero” parts as the likely good of them getting smashed is about 100% as for the rest buyer beware some cheap stuff is great others are pure garbage….. I my self have only quality parts on my car but the aero I’m buying is going to be cheap garbage so I don’t cry when I smash it.


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