I’ve constantly been working on the Abflug headlights I have, replacing hardware, ‘bodywork’, polishing the lenses to perfection, installing new rivnuts, replacing the old weather strip, but a big one for me has been the light output. I haven’t really had a chance the drive the car much at night, or at all for that matter, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that 4x h3 halogen bulbs as headlights are not going to be the brightest things ever. After opening up the headlights I found they were full of standard 55watt h3 bulbs, so I decided to do a little research on good replacements. I wanted to stay with halogen bulbs, as its common knowledge an HID kit isn’t a viable solution. After reading a bit on candlepower forums I came to a conclusion that the Narva Rangepower line was one of the most highly praised halogen bulbs on the market. I bought a pair of 55w and a pair of 100w for the low and high beams respectively. After installing them, I did a very shitty job of aiming my headlights, and wasn’t very pleased with the output, even though they were still not aimed correctly as a mounting bolt for one of the lights was having some interference with the housing, preventing me from properly aiming the lights. Anyhow, its been a constant battle to find a light source that will fit, and work well. After speaking with jessee streetet who has the same issue as me with the shit light output of the Abflugs, I ended up buying whatever he has, which is a set of some Phillips 2500 lumen bulbs. Can’t wait to actually see how much of an improvement they are over the expensive Narva bulbs that I don’t have much use for, but it seems like the led bulbs have a more defined cut-off, also they look way cooler, which is the whole point of having Abflugs in the first place. Another option im considering is finding a way to strategically mount a set of PIAA RF series cube lights somewhere in the bumper, they aren’t cheap either but the technology seems convincing.


Only problem, I think its going to be hard to find a nice spot for mounting these without looking awkward lol. I’ve thought about the position light slot on the GT-1 Bumper. These things have the right height, but are far too narrow. Plus I’ve already ordered the DMAX led position lights, and plan on using them as DRL/blinkers with a switchback sort of system


Pic of the abflug lights I took after installing the led bulbs. Still a few things to do, have to re-position a rivet, paint the new stainless steel lens mounting screws black, replace the weather stripping with new stuff I have, and shave a bit off of the length of a bolt thats interfering with properly aiming my lights.Then they are ready for real paint, which will be coming spring 2017


Abflug 180sx Headlights

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