Well, its about time I post an update on some of the parts I’ve recently acquired, and I’ve got to say, I’ve managed to find a fair bit of cool little parts.

To start, I “scored” a very rare Nismo watch. I’ve always had a thing for watches, when I saw this one, with the metal band, Nismo logo engraved into the strap lock, and oldschool nismo logos, I fell in love. I went on to a bidding site, and slapped down a bid, the opening bid amount wasn’t very high (around $200usd) and I did my best to watch the auction as the 6 day countdown dwindled down. I was fairly surprised no one had had bid on this, but I was expecting some last minute bid as usual. I placed a fairly large bid on the item that I was sure would guarantee the win, but as usual with old nismo items, there is always someone willing to pay the extra. Anyhow, it was almost 5 minutes till the auction was over, I was at work, but luckily I was in an area nobody would catch me on my cell phone. Suddenly the bid goes 500 yen above my bid, and I start to debate with myself. “Ah dam is it worth it???”, “lol its just a watch let it go”, “dude its a watch with an oldschool nismo logo, with a metal band, you’re never gonna see one again” “dude it has original box too” “no way man way too expensive, its not even a car part” “I don’t even like wearing watches” “It’s jewelry man, it will always hold value with age, especially since its already old, and ontop of that its a car collector item”. Anyways I decided to raise my bid again substantially higher, and watched the count down. If you haven’t used yahoo auctions japan before, a lot of auctions have automatic extension, which means if a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes, the auction is extended another 5 minutes, or the timer resets back to 10 minutes left. Anyways, a few seconds before i claim victory, i see the timer has reset again, and I’ve been outbid. I was really trying to convince myself now not to put another bid, and gave up, went back to doing the work I was doing, and last minute, changed my mind, put in a higher bid, and again was winning. “oh man, i shouldn’t have done that lol, thats a lot of money”. I was sure this time it would be a victory, as I had raised my max bid substantially. Counter winds down, again! The mother fucker puts in a bid last second. I don’t have road rage, but I can now imagine what those people are feeling in the heat of the moment. I was extremely frustrated, and suddenly dismissed all traces of financial responsibility and put down a MEGA bid. I didn’t care how much I spent on the watch at this point, THE WATCH IS FUCKING MINE NOW! Once again, I’m anxiously hitting the refresh button on my browser, the guy instantly puts up a bid, I’m still winning, hes just raising the amount I have to pay. Another bid, still winning, another bid, and ad DJ Khaled would say “anutha 1”. At this point I’m actually feeling pain lol, as I watch this mother fucker increase the amount I’m going to pay for this watch. Short story long, I won the bid, and withing two weeks, the watch had finally arrived lol.


So we can add that to the current “car-related” watch collection. Not sure if I will ever wear either of them, most watches other than my Casio Calculator watch just look awkward on my wrists, but I just love having cool little things like this with original boxes.jdmblogwatch.jpg

As the exterior and interior portions are mostly finished as far as big purchases and chasing “rare” items, I decided its time to move onto the engine bay. I’m still not sure on what I want to do to the motor but I really enjoy the reliability of my mildly modified sr20. I’ve gone on several 700km+ road trips previously without problems, and have put on approximately 24,000 km in the 5 or 6 years that I’ve owned this 180sx. I just don’t want to make my car more uncomfortable than it currently is. Especially since I live in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest city is approx 500km away so its nice to be able to not worry about something blowing up because of something I modified.

These are just “dreamer” motor plans, but really need to do a lot more research into it:

  • hks 2.2 stroker kit
  • ihi pe1420 turbo (or t518z 8cm, or td06, or gen 2 gtx3076r, or open to other options??)
  • ikeya forumla intake manifold (cuz sweggg)
  • hks sequential dog box
  • haltech
  • and common supporting mods

I know its a lot of money to dump into a 4 banger, but I want something reliable, I want to keep it sr20det, but at this point I’m already talking too much about “just an idea”.

Anyways, figured I’d at least start with cleaning up the bay a bit, and first place to visit was the oil cap. My two favorite oil caps are the oldschool nismo oil cap, and the elusive Gen 1 ARC oil cap. There were two listings on ebay for an old logo Nismo cap that I had kept my eye on, and even sent an offer for, but they are asking for nearly $400, and wouldn’t budge. Even though my offer was pretty fair (I think i offered like $350 shipped) The auctioneer in me, said “no way, I can get a better deal that that, just a little patience. After a few months of searching I finally found a cap, got it for a decent price.

Here she is. I’m going to assume by now you have picked up on the “better” picture quality of some pictures I post. I just like messing around with Photoshop, as some of you may know from previous blog posts, it was a hobby of mine to Photoshop cars. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but its just fun to mess around with a pic and make it look nicer.


This one, item here was snagged from Zilvia.net forums. I’ve always wanted this type of ARC plug cover, and luckily I found a NOS one lol. My 3rd discontinued NOS ARC item :). The only problem is, I have a redtop sr20, so yes, I now have an excuse to get myself a 13.4 hybrid valve cover.


The most recent item I have acquired for the bay is this tomei 3 pt strut bar. Found it again on Yahoo auctions japan, and at a fairly decent price. Will need some touch ups in a few places, but its going to be nice replacing the cusco one I currently have in my car, that sadly has zip cut gashes in it from a horrible shop experience I had back when I was in school.

May as well tell the story now (sorry if I have already mentioned it in a previous blog post). Ok so, I’m in school right, 0 tools, no garage etc, and brand new PBM pro coilovers that I’m dying to swap out with the blown Tien coils that came with the car. Car goes in for work, all good, don’t really check anything as they were recommended to me as a reliable performance shop by a good friend. A year or so later, when I’m doing a 5 lug conversion, and decide to lower my car, I go to adjust my collars. Ofc they are seized to have to take off coilovers to get them cut off. The pbm coils come with a button head style bolt, and for some reason the shop that installed my coils decided to install them with the head side exposed ontop of the strut, so they too had seized. Ended up having to take a zipcut and sliced the button head into quadrants trying to not damage my strut bar. anyways, made huge gashes in my strut bar tower plates lol. What a horrible shop though, they installed my coilovers wrong, did a provincial safety for me, didn’t bother with an alignment after installing the coilovers, and they decided to replace my windshield washer fluid tank with a Gatorade bottle strapped to my battery with a bungee cord lol. Never again.


I was also looking for a unique “drift knob” to spice up the interior a bit. Found this little thing, on yahoo auctions japan. Its different, I like it, but its also for some Toyota, so I’ll see if my machinist friend at work can modify it for me so it will work for my car. spinturn.pngspinturn2.png

The pivot shift knob mentioned in a previous blog post was another YAJ find. One of those “oddball listings” that I got lucky on and paid nearly pennies for. It’s honda fitment, but my machinist friend was able to work his magic, drilled it out a bit, made an insert out of a bolt he had, and she fit perfectly. I also cleaned it up a bit, but didn’t bother taking close up pictures. This was a picture taken for a friend for a cool project he is working on that is related.


Since its Nismo fest, decided to gather most of my collected Nismo items for a group shot! I completely forgot about the mats I have, and didn’t feel like unbolting my steering wheel, or removing my cluster, the other set of harness pads currently in the car, or unbolting the oldschool rear strut bar.


Lastly, found a NOS Datasystems turbo timer for Toyota. Very cool item, still had the original metal ties around the wiring harnesses, completely unused, a true NOS item.

Anyways, till next time!

– mike

Yahoo Auctions Japan v3

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