With an extremely busy work schedule, its hard to find time to work on the car let alone drive it. This week, I managed to finally park my car away for winter, literally the day before snow fell. Every year I struggle making it into my garage as I delay parking the car in the garage as long as possible, thankfully this year I beat the snow, so I was able to make it up the hill with ease.

This is a short clip of my car moments before it entered hibernation in the garage.

I changed the shift knob as well, I was worried about taking off the lettering on the oldschool logo nismo duracon knob, so I went auction hunting again, and found myself a pivot shift knob. PHOTOSHOPINTERIOR.jpg

The black Japan edition Bride Cuga is also getting swapped out, not only for aesthetic and JDM reason, but also because the seating position is horrible. With the bolt in cage, and the beefiness of the seat, there is no room for a passenger to sit comfortably. I do kinda like the all black interior look, with an accented red driver seat, but I’m looking forward to installing the Bride ergo I picked up a month or two ago. Was waiting for rails to come in, and had a hard time finding out which rails exactly fit the older model bride ergos. I could have went the easy route and just bought a brand new Bride MO rail, but I enjoy my auction hunting lol. With older bride seat rails, there is usually a code on them which is completely obsolete and no longer used, with also not much information about code meanings on the internet. After googling a bit, I saw a few bride brix with rails for sale that had the numbers “NO45SL” (sl for super low i believe), so I spent a few weeks looking for a jdm passanger (LH) side NO45SL rail. I knew it was by no means at all a rare seat rail, but for the life of me i could not find a NO45SL (LH), they were all right hand side rails lol. Anyways, I figured the NO46SL rail would work because there were no (RH) versions of the 46sl, so by theory of reasoning, I just went ahead and bought the NO46SL (LH), we’ll see when it arrives, but I’m pretty sure it will work.

So while waiting for rails, I took this fancy picture of the seats.phsopppff.jpg

Also dressed them up with the Nismo harnesses for fun.


I also cleaned both seats, will do a write up about that another time. Still so much material to post, and so little time/motivation.

Koguchi Power Winter

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