Hey guys, for those of you who are as fanboi as I am about old school s-chassis related things, I have a pretty cool post for you guys out there. Few months ago I picked up a 10th anniversary Abflug parts catalog, mostly because I’m obsessed with my headlights. Short story long, I never had time to give it a scan, until now, so enjoy. Please if you have any scans of oldschool Nismo magazines, or basically any schassis related parts I’d love to see them, there are some scans out there available on google but its always nice to see more.

If anyone would like to see other pages of stuff let me know and I can update this post.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Abflug Catalog Scan

4 thoughts on “Abflug Catalog Scan

    • I believe thats as high res as wordpress will let it get haha. I will be posting a few old nismo catalog scans I have from a friend eventually, and a few from some of the catalogs I own.


  1. So…Im just asking since these are very rare can you please do more Abflug scans…It’d be very interesting to see what these would look like..not asking for any other tuner..Just Abflug


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