Was looking for a set of harnesses, that would match the old school theme I have going on in the interior. Old school nismo, old school bride, old school electronics. I’ve always wanted a set of Nismo willans harnesses, but at $1000 each, I think I will hold off. I wanted something still that was unique, and avoided going with a cookie cutter Takata harness, so I found out about these cool Trust harnesses. I’m not completely familiar with the story behind Trust, but at a certain point in time the company “Trust” evolved into “Greddy” – a brand that im sure most people are familiar with. I just love having cool little things that have been out of production, little pieces of Japanese automotive history.
 After looking at the rear bumper, and since I want almost everything possible to “accent” the white paint on my car I also picked up an ATTAIN carbon muffler/bumper cover. Should help keep the paint white in the spot above the exhaust, and just look cool in general.

YAJ finds v2

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