Yahoo Auctions Japan Fiend is Born

Fast forward 2014, I was still interested in looking at cars, finally had a decent job, and nothing really to spend my money on, so I decided to touch up the car here and there. I figured that I’d start with changing out the old flaking work wheels that came on the car, and found a pair of ssr type f wheels on zilvia. It was love at first sight.

Anyways, it was time to convert from 4-5 lug so Ichiba 5 lug conversion was arranged.

I feel like I should have mentioned earlier on, I was in no way a mechanic, mechanically inclined or understood anything about cars other than a few common sense things. How to drive standard, how to check fluids etc, but with past experiences in other topics, I watched a few videos online, and it was quite easy to do myself.

Now this is where the build really takes off. After being lazy all winter, I had finally gotten enough motivation to get some tires for the wheels with no tires, managed to swap the hubs, and go the wheels on. I wasn’t completely happy with how the wheels looked on the car, and needed to find a specific set of center caps that matched the wheels.

This is really what started it all. I could not find these centercaps on the internet anywhere, ebay, nope, kijiji, nope, forums etc. I remembered lurking forums of different car clubs and heard mention of Jesse Streeter a few times, so I got in touch with him, figured out how to search for items myself and found a pair of center caps pretty quickly. Since my current set of lug nuts were pretty beat up and I was already trying to make my wheels look good with the center caps, I opted for a set of project mu lug nuts (reference picture). I was amazed at how quickly he responded, and how fast the packages arrived to my doorstep.

Unfortunately at that time, I wasn’t really taking pictures of the things I was doing to the car, but I decided that I would attempt to flock my dash as well, because they were an eyesore, and I figured id try to tidy my car up to the best of my ability. I removed the dash ended up breaking a few vent pieces, and once again had a peek at yahoo auctions japan, and was able to find a set of new ones dipped in a carbon fiber pattern.

I had enough of spending money on the car for the time being, but always had a peek if anything cool popped up for sale. As my searching skills and my notepad saved document of translated search terms expanded, I began to find some really cool stuff, and this is where it got dangerous (July 2015).

I had always wanted a Nismo kill switch lighter, figured it would compliment the flocked dash, and after searching for a little bit, and persuading myself that its ok to spend $100 on a lighter, I bit the bullet and very soon had my cool nismo trinket. Of course I got a taste of some oldschool Nismo swag, and I couldn’t help myself after that.

few months later i also managed to find one in its original packaging also:

Anyways, I felt like my car was quite heavily modified, at least my wallet did, withe the hub conversion, and wheels and tires, and other little nick nacks so the car once again sat for a bit. At this point, I was unsure where I was actually going with the car so I took some time to think about it.

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