Now that it was a season where I could actually drive the car, and now that my I had somewhere to sit, I figured it was time to do some body work. I had asked a friend from work, who happens to be a red seal welder, dealing mostly with the exotic metals, if I could come by and get some my fenders finally welded. I’d be sol if it wasn’t for him, either id have to take it to a local shop, who I really don’t have much faith in. So I cut up my minty fresh rear quarter panels with le zip cut, and brought it over I also took the opportunity to seal up the rear window wiper arm hole.

But before taking it to his shop, I quickly mounted my headlights covered in masking tape, my front fenders, and the diffuser.  Very recently I picked up an oem polyurethane bumper and a pretty minty oem metal 240sx hood while I was down in Winnipeg one weekend getting suits fitted for my brother’s wedding. During the duct tape test fit I had recently done, I wasnt really a fan of the whole missing bumper, bare exposed unibody look that is typical with most rocket bunny diffusers, and had decided oem bumper slipped over the diffuser would look slick. After a little grinding action to the rear bumper support, and some cringy dremel cutting action to my brand new rocket bunny rear diffuser, it was ready to go.  What do you guys think about the bumper? oem with diffuser or no bumper with diffuser????

Really love the look of these headlights

Fenders prepped up for my friend to get some welding done, you can see the metal sort of from the fender that has been bent upwards.

Shortly after welding, she was back at home, and I took a zip cut, cut off the “fingers” of the fenders that had been welded, and started to apply some 3M automotive sealant.


I also got my welder friend to fill in the rear wiper hole with a small piece of metal I cut out from fender leftovers. He accidentally got some spray onto my window, but oh well, I should have warned him about it, or took the initiative to cover up my rear window. No biggie though. To anyone reading, make sure you protect everything well with a proper fire blanket that you don’t want to get pitted. Especially windows, or polyurethane body parts. I had covered my wheels with fire resistant welding coveralls.

Finally I was able to mount the widebody to the rears after I gave the sealant a little time to cure. Little unhappy with the hardware I ordered for fastening the widebody on. It oxidized very fast, so I’ll have to look at either painting each bolt, or ordering some stainless, or titanium hardware for the over fenders.

FCM Street Style

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