Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

My timeline here is a bit off, before I parked it away for the winter, I managed to order and fit a set of spacers as I was going wide body.
 And parked her away for the Canadian winter we all love.
 There would be no work done on the the car until spring, but I managed to pick up a few things in the cold months.
Over the winter of ’15, aero parts started to arrive, as well as random trinkets.
Koguchi Power Widebody front and rear fenders
Car Modify Wonder Side Skirts
Rocket Bunny Rear Diffuser
Nismo finds – duffle bag and seatbelt harness pads
super squalin oil cap:
Art force silvia watch
Nissan specific emergency road flare (only have installed picture of it)
Datasystem Turbo timer (looks oem fits right into console, hard to find)
Decided to put the rocket bunny diffuser together, it was actually pretty satisfying, like building legos.

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