sx180 FCM SPEC

While the interior was waiting on parts to come, and work to be done, by now I had most of my aero parts, so i decided to slap them all on the car with duct tape, to see how everything fit.  I was amazed with the quality of the fiberglass parts, fitment was excellent, except for 1 of the koguchi fenders, which during winter storage, somehow managed to slide off the roof of my car and wedged itself between my car and the wall, and deformed slightly. Left it out in the sun for a few hours, and it went back to its original shape, no biggie. Also picked some 180sx kouki tails with carbon center garnish before winter, and finally had the chance to actually install them. When I bought them, they came with no bulb sockets, which I was not happy about, but no biggie. I had to spend quite a bit of money getting the sockets, and necessary harnesses for it to work which was kind of annoying as I had already paid a nice chunk of change for the tails.


During this time I had also uninstalled the hideous silvia front and stored it away for a sale (front end is for sale still, amber corners are sold though) and my rivnut tool came in the mail as well, so I started plugging away at installing M5 size nutserts/rivnuts/threaded inserts in the proper location.

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