A lot of the time, we go onto the internet, be it facebook, forums, twitter, instagram, whatever. It’s quite common to see imaginary build threads, or people talking about crazy swaps they are going to do, or wheels they are going to get, or a style of aero they are going for. In the end that’s all it really is, just an idea and nothing more, which is the  case in most of these dreamers you see all over the internet. I’ve seen this happen so often that someone starts a build thread somewhere, or posts a picture of a rolling shell, or a 3d designed concept car, and a few months later the build is completely abandoned with slim to no progress, everyone has a chuckle and its onto the next guy.
Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad idea to brainstorm a general direction of what you want to do to your car, but compiling a crazy list of “future” modifications, is just setting yourself up for failure. The way I see it, start with small goals for certain areas of the car, if I would have made a list of everything I want for my car, no way in heck would have I gone through with it, because it would be insane to look at this gigantic list of parts and just go drop >  $25,000. And for heaven’s sake don’t buy garbage, do it right the first time, or else it will cause you a lot of headaches, time, and money.
So speaking of to do lists…..

On the realistic to do list:

– take that big sheet of mdf in my garage and come up with a design for the rear interior, pick out some different fabrics, i really like the theme of the r35 gtr racing interior, the one with the diamond stitch and carbon fiber, so something along those lines. who knows maybe ill just get lazy and make it just one big flat area with plain black carpet to cover it.

– Install ganador mirrors

– modify the ridgeback so it sits on trunk/wide body properly

– redo some of the rivnuts of the wide body, some didn’t line up perfectly and some of the rivnuts didn’t fold properly making it impossible to thread them in

– install attain bumper cover

– install front hoops of roll cage

– extend gas door to be flush with wide body

– extend wink mirror mounts to allow room for roll cage

– cut holes in new rear interior panels for roll cage

– possibly powdercoat roll cage red

– replace/sell the bride cuga japan edition and replace with old school red bride seat

– keep searching for a particular hood I’m after.

To Do Lists: The Difference Between a Dreamer and a Realist and Avoiding Dissapointment

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