Finally I was able to mount the widebody to the rears after I gave the sealant a little time to cure. Little unhappy with the hardware I ordered for fastening the widebody on. It oxidized very fast, so I’ll have to look at either painting each bolt, or ordering some stainless, or titanium hardware for the over fenders.
 Also mocked up the rear wing. This picture was responsible for most of the rant I had earlier on in my “ridgeback” post. You know you are killing the game, when they want to be like you. Oh well, like they say, imitation is flattery in the sincerest form. I really like this photo, I decided to put my previous experience with photoshopping as mentioned in my first post, and played around with some lighting and blur settings.

I was waiting on my rear bumper to arrive from Japan. There is a long story with Right Drive, involving me waiting over 7 months to tell me my bumper was lost, and another two more months of having to beg and fight for a refund on something that never even made it across the ocean. Its too late right now for me to bother with that story-for-another-time. All I know is they will never get my business, and will be getting in touch with the BBB.

So in August 2016, I had to make an order on rhd japan for a GT-1 front bumper.

I was honestly hoping to have my car painted by a guy I know that does some really awesome work (from what I’ve seen) sometime this year, but its getting to the point now where its almost time to put the baby away for the season, that it would be plain stupid to have a freshly painted car sitting in the garage collecting dust, and potentially getting body checked by a vehicle door, so we will see what happens.

Wide Body, cookin with the wrists

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