There is a story to almost every part I have, some better than others. While browsing the internet looking at drift events, forums, etc, I stumbled upon a picture of a car that grabbed my interest. But there was something very different about this car, that I absolutely loved, and wanted extremely badly.
After messaging a few people I knew in Japan, with no luck on who gun-sports was or how to get a hold of  “Kis-Complete”, and if they even produced the wing, or ridgeback and I like to call it, for the public. Photographers, drifters, parts sellers, and just locals who were into cars, no-one knew who made it, or how to get it for me, so I took it upon myself to find out.
Now I’ve always been pretty good at finding things out, so I did a little snooping around, made some logical connections between photos, googling of addresses, googling almost every logo/name written on the car, and eventually I found the person who made the wing. I got a hold of him, and after attempting to speak to the person using google translate, he agreed to make a wing for me, and I found a way for him to ship to someone on Japan that could ship to me. I was extremely excited as this was 100% the third wing ever created in the world, the two others existing in Japan, one on the red car posted above, and another on a grey shop/demo car that was actually at TAS. So that was definitely something cool, to have the first, and only ridgeback of its kind in all of North America.
After waiting about a month or two for it to be made, it finally arrived.
Now, you might be asking yourself. Why is this guy blurring out pictures of the wing, I wanna see the damn thing.
After getting the wing, I posted up a picture of all my aero, which was mocked up onto social media groups, as I was pretty excited to show everyone what was happening with my car.
 A lot of people asked, what kind of wing it was, where I got it, but knowing the aweful majority of the s-chassis community, most of them are poor, wouldnt be able to afford it and complain about price, and the last thing I wanted was for someone toxic such as JP Ramos to make a shitty replica of the ridgeback. I also enjoyed having something truly unique and special. Anyways my post started to generate a lot of interest, hate, envy, jealousy, all kinds of feelings. I saw several posts of my cars of people asking what kind of wing was on my car, if anyone knew etc, but I only had told people I could trust, the people who respect authenticity, and cool rare parts.


With enough fanboys an begging, the cancer had taken notice….
 And got to work in the Dominican Republic somewhere in the jungle making shitty replicas as usual….
 Lol mystery wing.
 Anyways, I contacted the guy who sold me the wing immediately, and of course he wasn’t very happy either. There is much more to the story behind it, but he told me to talk joe schmoe, and joe schmoe talked to alot of other schmoe joe’s, and lets just say, because of this incident, I set in motion a conversation, that will possibly mean the end of JP fiberglass business. A lot of tuners in Japan are getting tired of this extremely toxic person who blatantly rips off designs, and sells them for pesos.
Sure call me an authenticity jdm fanboy or crybaby, whatever you want, but you can’t deny the fact that this kind of stuff is really hurting both the consumers, and manufacturers.
Just imagine if you were to create a good looking aero, have a set price on it, put a lot of effort into it, and produce a quality product that you are proud to put your name on. Then some scumbag living in some 3rd world country manages to get his hands on the aero you made, specifically to reproduce extremely shitty copies of your products, and sells them to cheap people for a 1/3 of the price. Poor fitment, poor durability, shitty materials used, poor craftsmanship, literally I could paper mache a body kit better than what this guy puts out.
I’m not saying it is Johusa Ramos to blame for this most recent epidemic of replica garbage, but its also the community. Without this generation of millennials who were given participation awards, his business wouldn’t be as “thriving” as it currently is. I mean, sure its cheap and looks similar, but where is the pride in owning a knockoff, there is only shame and embarrassment. Now, who really is the fanboy? The person that has the authentic parts? Or the person that wants to look like the person with the authentic parts, but buys a replica because its “cool”.
Don’t you want to be proud of something you built? Something that you can look back at that’s a testament to your hard work, patience, sacrifice?
 I take pride in almost everything I do, or I don’t do it at all.
rant over, on to the build…
Whats your opinion on replica products??

21 thoughts on “Ridgeback

  1. Wow you are dense. Its a wing that will never be sold to the public. You have 1 of 3 supposedly. The one you have holds its value and is still just as rare, jp is providing something to the community that we wouldnt be able to get otherwise because crybaby kids like you want to hoard every rare part. He should be praised not villefied. Long live JP


  2. Utterly ridiculous, why try to ruin someone’s business and well being?
    Just because you’re butt-hurt more people are gonna have the same wing. It’s not hurting your life in any way. Let it be
    The guy does pretty damn good work. A friend bought a kit from him I was surprised. This article is what’s wrong with the community lately…smh


    • “Utterly ridiculous, why try to ruin someone’s business and well being?”

      Isn’t that what he’s doing in the first place? Severely undercutting original manufacturer’s prices, and leeching their designs? It’s pretty funny that he’s completely disabled reviews on his “business” page, because of so many complaints on his craftsmanship. I could make and post a collage of >100 screenshotted images of people complaining about how terrible his paper mache products are, your anecdotal evidence means nothing. Please, you have no place to speak about “community” when you are defending the cancer of the community.


  3. The first thing wrong with this post is automatically assuming all people buy knock offs due to being poor. Some people wont spend 4k on a kit due to tracking of their cars. Same reason why peopl buy knock off wheels for droft spares. Secondly just because your willing to over pay for a name ect…… dosent mean everyone is.


    • No, my assumptions are pretty logical and accurate, feel free to prove wrong where “affordability” had no influence on purchase. There is a fair share of people who use authentic parts, and its a common myth that authentic aero is that expensive. A big part to drifting is style, so the “track car” thing is just a lame excuse for not being able to properly modify your car, these are the types of people who run welded diffs, and dangerous replica bride and takata harnesses. Most of the kids who are buying jp fiberglass are just trying to fit in, and be part of the cool club, without paying to play its as simple as that really.


      • Athentic aero is pricey to destroy every event period, running knock off seats and harnesses is just down right dangerous, but thats comparing apples to oranges. Most aero isnt horribly expensive and ill agree with that 100% but that all depends on what aero kit you go with.


      • just take a look at his diffuser vs authentic rb diffuser. its like a $50 difference BNIB. a little patience goes a long way, waiting around for good deals. plus its not like fiberglass isn’t repairable, what do you think all the Japanese drifters do when they smash up aero? Personally I take pride in what I do, take a look at another post I’ve made regarding building the car you want. I understand not everyone has thousands of dollars to throw at aero, so its as simple as knowing your place, patience, and sacrifices you will make. Idk about you but I find taking time with building a car, saving money, doing things the right way, is very rewarding.



  4. Joshua Serrata Ramos or JP Fibreglass or whatever his fake names are.

    He either needs to come up with his own designs and stop copying whats in Japan or just jump off a very tall building


  5. You don’t want people to buy knock offs, yet you won’t link people to the guy who made them? If you wanted your car to appear unique in the 240 community then you’ve already done that, regardless of the fact that people are starting to make reps of it, they know what car they saw it on first(yours). So instead of complaining about someone making reps of them, (since the fact that they will be sold soon is inevitable) the least you can do is link them to the original creator to allow him the chance to make some money from those who CAN afford the real thing. You’re ruining the possibility for the original creator to make money. You’re making that style wing, exclusively available from JP. just my 2 cents.


    • No bro you are wrong. the wing is in production in Japan, most of the people who matter in the 240 scene have a pretty good idea on how to get it, if they wanted to. Not going to release information to people who i don’t know at all so he can get his hands on a real one, no thx.


  6. After extensively taking my time to read your post I actually had to go back twice and read it. First and foremost I commend you on using authentic items second I also commend you one more time for standing up 2 people that are ruining the last of our JDM stuff. I know what it’s like to have someone copy you or try to be like you the problem is that these younger kids 4 generation does not understand the value of hard work the only thing they know is knock-offs XXR Megan coilovers and a quick release steering wheel. A lot of these youngsters would not put the time to research their own build they’d rather take something from someone else’s car instead of creating something from scratch to make something on their vehicle unique even though I’m not a fan of the S Jesse I am a big fan of the manufacturer of your particular when he makes great items and I’ve seen so many people disrespect him in the last week and a half due to this they have no idea how much he’s contributed to yes chances community so that other fungi can get his knock-offs created from his original parts my advice to you is to keep doing what you’re doing people are going to find the win regardless but the best thing you can do is just keep that to yourself don’t sell it and if this company ever goes out of business God forbid they don’t but you’ll have something one-off you stay safe stay authentic stay easy peace

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    • Well said brother, refreshing to see some people that share a mutual respect for original innovators, especially with all the shade being thrown by fanboys who think they matter with their xxr, grip royal and jp fiberglass junk.


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