DIY guide – s13 Door Cards – Doing it the right way

With the leatherwork out the way, it was time to reupholster my interior panels, but this time the correct way. By now I had learned well, that nothing goes perfect when working on a car, and expect to do things multiple times before its right.

A summer ago, I decided to upholster my door trim with Bride fabric. It turned out ok, but very soon the 3M adhesive fabric glue bond had released, so the job I did was all for nothing. I decided this time to take another wack at it, but with a little more research. I headed over to Broadfield’s (the interior god) blog, to see how to properly reupholster interior panels with an adhesive that would hold. I highly recommend checking it out, for any DIYers out there, lots of good information on technique and product recommendations, and excellent work. This wasn’t the first time I read his blog, I skimmed over it before I did the panels the first time, and went with 3M adhesive, as the recommended glue (DAP weldwood) is extremely hard to get in Canada, and the suppliers in the States refuse to ship it out of country for obvious reasons. I managed to track down someone on Kijiji in southern Ontario that had a lot of the glue and he was able ship me a 1 gallon paint bucket of it to me for like $60. I also ordered a thin backing foam form the states (around $200) to get the same professional results as broadfield, and I got to work.

I wasn’t overjoyed with the wrinkles along the bottom right edge, so I ripped it all off, and started over. Trust me, it was not fun peeling off tiny pieces of foam. This happened two times before I finally was happy with the result. Its really a pain in the ass to get the corners to come out smooth when upholstering the s13 panels, but I eventually developed a method and got it right.
I also did the center console, as well as the glove box, which were far easier to do. This was the finished product, later I was able to find some interior plumbing, and tucked it in between the fabric on the door and the recessed area, to give it a cleaner look.

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