The Eyes of Horus – アブフラッグ/Abflug Headlights

By now snow had fallen so I was waiting for parts to come in, waiting for rare parts to pop up for sale, and still trying to figure out some exact details for what I wanted to to to the interior of the car. After looking at the dream works 180sx, and Jesse Streeter’s own car, a few months prior I had developed a strange obsession for Abflug headlights. Problem was, they were discontinued about 20 years ago, and were extremely expensive (about $1500-2000usd) back when they were in production, so even with the few existing sets scattered throughout japan, I knew it would be very had to find a set for myself.

After searching every single day twice per day for 7 months straight on yahoo japan and UPGARAGE, I was finally able to find someone on facebook in the UK who had posted up his car for sale. The listing was about a year old, but i figured I’d give it a try and send him a message to see if he has the car still and would be interested in selling me the headlights. They were perfect, lenses were in tact, had all hardware, and they worked. What more could I want. Obviously extremely excited that I found them, with an extremely generous offer and a little kindness, I was able to persuade him to sell me the headlights. I don’t know how to describe the feeling of relief and victory when I finally had found these, but if you were ever a little girl, and got a pony for your birthday, I’m sure you would be able to relate.

 As soon as I got them, I got to work restoring them, buffing out the oxidation on the lenses. Once again, I know nothing about cars, so there was an incredible amount of research into polishing different surfaces, what wet sanding was, what sand papers to use, which polishing products are the best, what kind of pads to use etc. Anyways I got to work.

Starting with the lenses.

o shit what did i do:
lol jk
 Time to clean up the fiberglass housings
awesome, now time to paint!
Just kidding, I suck:
I know how cliche it is to say “ye I’m perfectionist”, so I’m not going to bother, but being obsessed with these headlights, taking so long to find them, the work I had done to them was not to standard. The sanding marks were not completely visible, but enough for me to notice, and really come out when you hit them with a flash of a camera.
 Maaaaaaaan, was I ever miserable sanding off all that spray paint lol. I sanded the spray paint all down and gave the headlights and myself a break from these frustrating things, but do it right, or don’t do it all!

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