DIY Wrapping Steering Wheel in Fresh Leather

By attempting to dodge the frustration caused by the restoration of the headlights, I moved onto another thing that required some tlc.

I managed to track down an oldschool D-shape nismo steering wheel, made by personal. I got on contact with a leather shop in Canada, that was able to get me some perforated leather, and in no time, I had a half hide of high quality perforated leather. What I didn’t know, was how much frustration this steering wheel would give me haha.

 As you can see, the leather was in very rough shape. Did a little research on leather upholstery, as I’ve never done anything like this, the different types of stitch pattern you can do, and decided on one. The basting stitch. After several attempts, I finally had something I was happy with, and I had wasted the whole 6×5 half skin of leather trying to get it right, as well as 9 hours each day for 3 days in a row.

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