Baby Steps

Being a poor student I wasn’t able to do much to the car. My first “modification” was getting this funky Japanese Sony mini disc/CD player, its a shame I cant access any North American radio stations but the looks made up for that.

I didn’t really have any modification goals for the car, because I preferred going out, eating out, and realistically I knew I didn’t and wouldn’t have enough money to modify the car as I’d like to so I didn’t bother even attempting to. All I wanted to achieve was to get my car plated and insured so I could legally drive it around.

Shortly after owning it, the Tien coilovers had met their expiry date, and the fronts were completely blown. Unfortunately I had to wait until summer to save up money to be able to purchase my first real car modification. New PBM COILOVERS. I was so excited to finally get the ball rolling, and returned back to Brandon, MB after summer, with my shiny gold/copper pbm, only to have my clutch go bad. I had to call home and ask my parents to borrow me some money after cleaning my student bank account on the clutch, so I could pay someone to install it. I figured it was time to take my car into the shop, get the safety done, get the new clutch installed, and finally be able to legally drive my car, after about 2 years of driving on and off with temporary window permits.

I lost interest in the car slowly, and posted an advertisement on kijiji to try and sell the thing, because it really isn’t a practical car, not derivable at all in winter, not capable of carrying more than 1 passenger, not safe, no airbags, too low and not very comfortable on long drives. I had no reason to keep the car or any desire to modify it. So it sat for a while on wood blocks.

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